'Justin Mortimer is a British artist whose paintings consistently invite us to question the relationship between subject matter and content, beauty and horror, and between figuration and abstraction. While the imagery is almost exclusively pitiless, the texturing of the paint, the play between light and shade and the passages that lead from photo-realist definition to near-abstract formlessness are so sensitively handled as to make the work at least partially redemptive as well as to indicate a key philosophical dimension: the oblique relationship between evidence and interpretation.'


— Ben Tufnell




Current and Forthcoming


'The New Frontiers of Painting'

Fondazione Le Stelline, Milan

16 November 2017 – 25 February 2018


The Armory Show, New York
Presents Section

8 – 11 March 2018


Recent Solo Exhibitions


'It Is Here', Parafin, London

30 March – 20 May 2017


Recent Press


'Justin Mortimer: Apocalyptic Sublime'


'A Painter Who Cuts Up Figures with

“Knife-Edge Stuff”'


'Kult –The Beauty In Something Terrible”'

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